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integrated and sustainable growth

reliable and efficient operations


Mercury Renew is specialized in renewable energy and has built its principles on contributing to the sustainable growth of the Brazilian energy matrix and of our clients. To achieve this, we build projects with low emission of pollutants and that generate positive social impact, beyond that we are promoting development in various regions of the country and transforming the operations of companies from the most varied sectors of the industry.

Mercury Renew is founded upon the principle of contributing to sustainable growth in Brazil to provide clean and renewable energy to our clients, and we develop that through reliable power projects, with low emission of pollutants and positive social impact and effectively monetizing our investors' capital.

Our purpose is to become the leader in Brazilian renewable energy generation. We aspire to maximise Brazil’s vast potential in the sector and pass on the benefits of reliable and clean energy to customers and investors. We will be always looking for new technologies and sources that could enhance the company's purpose.


We are an initiative of Perfin and Servtec, two industry leaders with extensive experience in investing, developing and managing energy projects. Perfin and Servtec have a seasoned team with experienced financial professionals, specialized in the energy sector. They joined forces endeavoring a superior level of their own journeys to bring a best-in-class service and operation to its stakeholders.

Perfin companies and Servtec are committed with Mercury since day one and will take an important role in the company´s boards. Some Servtec´s executives will step up as executive officers in the company while Perfin´s executives will continue to assist the company as board members exercising its fiduciary commitment. None of the board members in the Board of Directors will receive any kind of remuneration, which is aligned with the company’s long-term success, ensuring a productive and long-standing company.

The board of executive officers are aligned with a compensation plan that aims long term achievements but with a fair deal to incentive the short and median terms endurance, supporting them to be well motivated despite all the challenges over time.

  • Perfin explores opportunities and invests in the power energy sector since 2007. Perfin currently holds more than R$ 4.0 billion under management in energy assets.
  • Founded in the late 1960s as an HVAC service provider, Servtec has focused on power generation since the late 1990s and developed more than 1.000 MW in five different sources of power. Servtec currently owns significant participation and manages several power plants.


We bring our experience and knowledge to bear in all the phases of the project. Beginning with the identification and development of the projects, continuing with their design and construction, and finally operating and managing the assets. We consider efficiency to be the main quality that guarantees the energy supply and contributes to the competitiveness of our clients. We maintain this leadership with a strong commitment to innovation as a means of generating electricity in a reliable and sustainable way.

Mercury Renew develops projects in line
with the main technologies and knowledge
used worldwide in the renewable energy sector.


Anticipating possible challenging scenarios is key and for that we ground ourselves in specialized risk management methods.


Our projects follow the principles of Project Management Institute (PMI) focusing on excellence and process innovation.


We identify opportunities aiming to meet current and future needs, generating value for our ecosystem.


Our aims to impact positively the society and have a harmonious interaction with our surroundings.

Mercury is the combination of seasoned professionals with a long career in the Engineering and Financial sectors.

This team can adapt easily to obstacles and has gathered top tier strategic partners to bring dynamic solutions to overcome challenges in every stage of the process.

We consider this as a unique approach that builds a very virtuous value chain with customers, partners and society.

Mercury foresees building out its capacity to 1.5GW by 2024, above all in solar power. Our mission is to take up a leadership position as a responsible organization, supporting institutions that share the same values.

Board of Executive Officers

We work with 3 pillars to support responsible and sustainable growth:




Being aware of how our projects impact society and the environment and having a well structure relationship with stakeholders is an important pillar of a sustainable business. This core element to our organization guides the way we manage our operations, our bond with customers and endeavor our social alliances. Being held accountable for responsible investment is part of our dna.